Dress // Bracelet // Earrings // Bag // Heels

…and she can conquer the world.

I love the versatility of this dress! I dressed it up with heels, but it’s seersucker material, so you can just as easily dress it down with sandals or wedges. It comes in 14 colors on www.laurenjames.com.

By far, though, my favorite part of this dress is its femininity and classic lines.

You’ll likely find plenty of feminine and/or classic pieces on my blog. That’s what I love about style – it’s a “simple way of saying complicated things about yourself,” as Jean Cocteau said.

I also love that wearing an outfit I feel my best in gives me that little extra boost to conquer the day.

So, you won’t necessarily find me wearing the latest trends or pursuing fashion for fashion’s sake. Instead, I love finding those pieces that resonate with me, help me put my best foot forward, and feel like an outward expression of who I am on the inside. Those are the pieces I’m moved to buy, and the pieces I’ll be sharing with you on this blog.

Thank you so much for reading! I hope you’ll find a little something that resonates with you, too.




Photos: Samuel Noble

Location: The Cake Bake Shop, Indianapolis, IN

When you get clear on what you want in life, you will be tested.  Say, you decide the qualities you want in a partner, but then hear from an ex who doesn’t embody them and old feelings rush back.  Will you cave?  Or you meet someone who you really like, but something inside tells you it’s not quite right.  Will you settle?  Or you’re working hard toward your dreams, but it starts to get even harder than you anticipated.  Will you give up?

I encourage you to keep pressing forward.  It’s in these moments that you must prove how bad you want it.  You’ll be tempted to give in and settle for the person or behavior that’s not in your best interest.  But take heart, testing comes when you’re on the brink of a blessing.  So when you’re tempted to step back into weakness, dig deep and know that your breakthrough is just within reach — you must simply pass the test.