img_3987When I was 15, I remember snatching my sister’s college psychology textbook and reading the entire thing in a day.  Human nature fascinates me—I’m in a constant state of learning about the mental, emotional, and spiritual issues we face.

But even greater than my fascination is my inner drive to help humanity.  It led me to become a journalist and an attorney, but both career paths left my hands tied—I was dealing with effects of the broken human condition rather than the cause.  My deepest desire is to get to the heart of the matter so we’re no longer dealing with the endless effects.

And I hope to serve my mission in style.  I love dressing in a way that helps me put my best foot forward and express outwardly who I am on the inside.

While my journey to creating this Website was long, the trials continually strengthen my faith and reveal to me the healing power of spiritual principles.  If I can help bring hope, inspiration, or healing to another person, then I believe I’m serving my purpose on this planet.